We Are Complete Performance.

We believe in the heart of an athlete. We believe athletes are cut from a different cloth. We believe that sports are an arena of exploration for driven individuals to explore their athletic potential. But we also believe that the current competitive landscape doesn’t set athletes up for success, and that’s why we do what we do.

We believe in our athletes and we’re passionate about helping them become a more complete version of themselves. We’re here to help aspiring athletes break out of limitation and bring their unique genius to life. We’re here to inspire, equip, and empower athletes to explore their power, own their process, and play their game, their way.

We offer Mental Training in these 3 Core Areas:


The primary mindset that we’re all about here at Complete Performance can be summarized into shifting your perspective from Problems to Potential. Literally viewing the obstacles in front of you not as hindrances to your game but as opportunities to expand your game. Developing the capacity to see all the possibilities within a challenge. It’s about seeing adversity in a completely new light. It’s our job as Complete Performance Coaches to shine that light, to share that perspective, so that athletes can begin to look within and access their personal power. Instead of always fixating on what’s wrong they can begin to open their mind to what’s possible. This is a tall order for young athletes in the current competitive landscape where comparison is rampant and personal development is virtually non-existent. We’re here to change that. 


An athlete’s Mindset is just one part of the mental game. We have to practice it. We have to embody it, especially if we want it to stick on the match court. The primary way we do this at Complete Performance is through meditation practices. Meditation is a way to get completely present in the moment. Not just being in the moment but embracing the moment and engaging in the moment. Learning to accept what it is so you can respond in a new way. Moment after moment as it unfolds. In the moment is where you can access all your power. In the moment is where you can unleash all your power. Again this is a tall order for young athletes as they often get held up in frustration on the last point or they get fearful and nervous of what’s to come. We’re here to change that.  


Armed with some key mindset shifts and some profound meditation experience, athletes can return to the match court in a new way. They’re equipped and empowered to play their own way. As opposed to maybe playing not to lose, playing robotic, playing stressed, playing in reactionary patterns, playing for other people’s opinions, playing to get to a future destination, or just simply playing at a level far below their true capability. Every single thing we do here at Complete Performance is oriented towards stepping onto the match court and playing your way. This means showing up to whatever is in front of you and leaning in. This means sustaining a presence within, no matter what is happening out on the court. This means taking ownership over your attention. This means allowing your abilities to flow through. This means BEING free to perform. This means playing your unique game, your unique way. Increasing your capacity to sustain these optimal states of performance throughout the match. 

Let's Get Mental.

We're mental trainers at heart. We wake up every day to make this happen for our athletes. We’re here to change the game. We’re here to serve the community. Starting with our revolutionary 21-Week Online Program, The Tennis Blueprint. For more info fill out the contact form below.
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