Unlock Your Power.
Play Your Game.

The only thing more frustrating than underperforming, is not knowing how to fix it.

How well you play is a reflection of how you feel.
And how you feel is determined by the State you are in.

Each of the tools below are focused on a specific State key to athletic performance. Each tool is designed to give YOU the power to create that State for yourself. Empowering and equipping you to Play Your Game no matter the pressure, no matter the adversity.

Tool Guide:

1) Notice how you feel.
2) Decide whether you'd like to Boost or Calm your Energy.
3) Choose the tool that's right for you

Tools to Boost Your Energy

CONFIDENCE - Boost Court Presence & Intensity
FOCUS - Boost Personal Power & Drive
COMMAND - Boost Self-Certainty and Poise

Tools to Calm Your Energy

COMPOSURE - Gain Emotional Stability & Ease
HEART - Gain Emotional Freedom & Passion
FLOW - Gain Emotional Power & Intuition

The tools below are guided audio exercises designed to be done prior to performance. You can do any of them as often as you like. Please use headphones, be sitting, and make sure you'll be undisturbed for the 15 minute duration. Have fun and enjoy.

What is... THE CP PORTAL?

The CP Portal is a first of its kind Virtual Academy, specializing in Performance Training. The above tool is a small sample of the 50+ custom tools ranging from Tournament Tools, to Meditations, to Conscious Workouts, and Stroke Awareness Tools. The CP Portal is an online space, a community of driven athletes all seeking to unlock their true Performance Power.

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