Inside The CP Portal
The CP Portal is a first of its kind Virtual Academy for Peak Performance. An online space that inspires, equips, and empowers competitive juniors to explore their power, own their process, and play their game.

During our 7-week Training Cycle, we spend a full week mastering each of the 7 Key States of Performance: Confidence, Composure, Focus, Heart, Command, Flow, Play. This is done through guided mental exercises, practical performance teachings, and interactive sessions with the CP Coaches via live group, 1-on-1 calls, and 24/7 direct message.

Words can’t describe the immersive experience of True Performance Training. So, take a look below for a sneak peek inside our world, The CP Portal.
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Meet the CP Team
Tim Mattek
Complete Performance Coach
Tim has over 30 years experience in the tennis industry as a parent, coach, and development specialist. He has worked closely with hundreds of athletes of all levels and ages, including his daughter and WTA pro Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Now he supports athletes and parents full-time inside the CP Portal as a Coach and mental tool creator.      
Chad Mattek
Complete Performance Coach
Chad has over 15 years experience in professional level athletics, both as an athlete and as a trainer. He was a multi-sport athlete and former Marine Corps Officer. Now he supports athletes full time inside the CP Portal as a Coach and mental tool creator.
Andrew Mattek
Complete Performance Coach
Andrew has over 15 years experience in professional level athletics, both as an athlete and as a trainer. He played soccer on a nationally ranked Division 1 team, as well as semi-professionally. Now he supports athletes full time inside the CP Portal as a Coach and mental tool creator.
Courtney Mattek
CP Portal Community Manager
Courtney has over 10 years experience in customer support, social media management, and tennis programming organization. She is the engine of the CP Portal and the primary point of contact for anything CP Portal related. 
Jeff Sward
CP Music Producer
Jeff is a graduate of the prestigious Hillsong College in Australia where he studied to become a music creator and song writer. He is the creator of all the tracks in the CP mental tools and specializes in helping athletes reach certain energetic and relaxing states through music.           
Bethanie Mattek-Sands
CP Consultant
Bethanie is a pro tennis player with 29 titles, including 9 Grand Slams and an Olympic Gold Medal, achieving a career high singles ranking of #30 and doubles ranking of #1 in the world. She actively tests out CP mental tools on the highest levels and consults the Team on the creation of future mental tools.      
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Is there an age requirement to train on the CP Portal?
     A:  Athletes must be 13 years old or older to train on the CP Portal
Q:  What level of tennis player is the CP Portal made for?
     A:  Due to the nature of the mental game, there isn’t a specific skill level that’s required to benefit from mental training. At CP, we carefully design our mental exercises in a way that’s profound enough to help a professional athlete on the biggest stage and simple enough where a 13-year-old player can apply this in competition, as well. It simply comes down to is the player committed to doing the training.  Most athletes on the Portal are highly committed high performance athletes. 
Q:  What is the time commitment for training inside the CP Portal?
     A:  The minimum time commitment is 2 hours per week. There’s also encouragement and opportunity to increase the amount of training far beyond the minimum. 
Q:  What equipment is needed for training on the CP Portal?
     A:  The main equipment that is needed for training is a device (i.e. computer, tablet, smartphone), headphones, and a good Internet connection capable of streaming video. This is all the equipment the Mind section requires. The Body section requires a minimum amount of fitness equipment, such as light dumbbells. The Stroke section requires a racket and enough space to fully swing. 
Q:  Is the CP Portal mobile-friendly?
     A:  Yes.
Q:  How does the training cycles work on the CP Portal?
     A:  The CP Portal is a Virtual Academy that operates in 7-week training cycles. Each week within the training cycle focuses on a core performance theme, or as we call it at CP, the 7 States of Peak Performance.  
1.     Week of Confidence 
2.     Week of Composure
3.     Week of Focus 
4.     Week of Heart
5.     Week of Command
6.     Week of Flow 
7.     Week of Play
Every 7 weeks there is a new training cycle with new content, new perspectives, and new ways to evolve the mind, body, and stroke, and expand the 7 states of peak performance.  Every 7 weeks we have an award ceremony for our CP athletes, as well as add new athletes to the community.  
Q:  When does the next cycle start?
     A:  Start Date for the next training cycle is July 4th. Registration deadline is June 24th.
Q:  Is there 1-on-1 coaching available on the CP Portal?
     A:  Yes, both athletes and parents have the ability to schedule 20 minute 1-on-1 calls with any of the CP Coaches throughout the training cycle. These calls are included at no extra charge for all members of the CP Portal.          
Q:  What kind of support is offered on the CP Portal to assist the training tools?
     A:  When you join the CP Portal you are truly joining our family. The CP Portal isn’t a traditional online program where you sign up and then you’re on your own, navigating the content. It’s a virtual academy that places a tremendous amount of value on two-way communication between the coaches and the athletes, as well as the coaches and the parents. This two-way communication is facilitated on the Portal through live Q&As, as well as the ability to Direct Message CP coaches for more personal questions, and schedule 1-on-1 calls. In addition there’s new content such as videos and articles updated weekly that can be commented on and engaged with.                 
Q:  Who is going to keep my child accountable to doing the training?
     A:  Athletes will receive guidance on how to use the CP schedule tracker. This tracker is filled out by the athlete and submitted to the coaches. Ultimately, it’s up to the athlete how much training they want to do for a particular cycle, as it pertains to their personal goals and schedule. The CP Team will be guiding, encouraging, and inspiring the athletes to push through boundaries and comfort zones.
Q:  How do I get in contact with CP Coaches once the training cycle starts?
     A:  CP coaches are contacted on the CP Portal through Direct Message, commenting on the content, or scheduling a 1-on-1 Call.
Q:  Does CP offer in person training?
     A:  CP does offer limited in person training opportunities and private camps at our HQ in South Florida. Availability is limited and reserved for athletes that have demonstrated a commitment to the training and have built up a relationship with the coaches on the CP Portal.     
Q:  How does the CP Portal training work with my child’s current on court tennis training?
     A:  All the tools on the CP Portal have been designed to supplement and assist any on court training the athlete may be doing. It’s carefully crafted to not interfere with any technical, tactical, or strategic work done on the court. Many of the CP tools will get the athlete more prepared and focused to get the most out of practices. It’s not necessary for the on court coach to be aware of CP training. However, if they’re interested, we will be launching a CP coaches group within the Portal in the future.
Q:  Is there a contract commitment to be a member of the CP Portal?
     A:  There is no long-term contract commitment. The only commitment is for individual 7-week training cycles. Membership can be paused or canceled anytime between cycles.
Q:  How much does it cost to be a member of the CP Portal?
     A:  The CP Portal is $700 per 7-week training cycle. 
Q:  Can I get a free trial of the training?
     A:  No. However, the CP Team will provide all the information necessary for you to make an informed decision about joining. 
Q:  What is the Parent Group inside the CP Portal all about?
     A:  The Parent Group serves as a community platform for the like-minded parents of CP athletes. The CP coaches are also very active in this group, offering parents specific content that sheds light on what the athletes are learning, as well as offering guidance on ways to be an optimal tennis parent.    
Q:  What should I do if my child doesn’t want to do mental training even though I know they will benefit from it?
     A:  Show your child the video on the top of this page and see if they want to at least try it for 7 weeks. Once they’re on the Portal the CP coaches will handle the rest.        
Q:  How do I get started on the CP Portal?
     A:  Your next step is to fill out a brief Questionnaire and Schedule a Strategy Session with a CP Coach. Click the button below to get started.
For more information regarding The CP Portal fill out the contact form below. Thank You.
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